About Spark Surgical

Spark Surgical enables surgeons to move beyond the screen and make virtual surgical planning a more tactile process. There is no substitute for holding a model in your hand to plan osteotomies, or be able to pre-bend plates to save time in theatre.

“solutions for surgeons”

Spark Surgical is run by a Surgical Trainee and Mechanical Engineer, who sought to democratise the process of surgical planning after being astonished by the high costs charged by commercial entities. The aim is to make these techniques widely available for a reasonable cost.

Photo Finishing

Colour casts? Not quite upright? Messy Backgrounds? - Spark Surgical can help. (more…)

Clinical Photography

Revolutionise your process of image capture, storage and use. (more…)

Surgical Video

Rescue your video content, re-engage your audience. (more…)

3D Printing

Low cost, fast turnaround 3D Printing for surgical planning tools. (more…)

3D Modelling

CT scans belong in 3D - On Screen and in your hand. (more…)

Dr James Doherty

Founder Spark Surgical